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&& you kissed me like you ment it [05 Aug 2005|11:46pm]
[ mood | complacent ]

tonight my parents and i went to the mall i got another pair of jeans after that we went to cracker barrel and ate then went to wal-mart and got all of our snacks/supplies for the beach XD omg we got so many drinks it was ridiculous we came home around 10 ann & elijah came over and we have just been watching tv tomorrow is the reunion idk if i'll update before i go if i do it will probably be the last for awhile at least until school starts cause no one ever comments anymore and this is just getting boring so yeah o well im tired actually good night xoxo

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rump shakin' both wayss [05 Aug 2005|02:14am]
[ mood | rejuvenated ]

stac, trav, keegan, & i went bowling tonight muchh funn (: stac i freaking love you dear we have the greatest times the guys were all massive and pro with their bowling  haha when we kinda sucked but its all good i was upset/felt like an ass though cause i went to get a medium dr. pepper and it was really loud and the lady tried to tell me something about a quarter so i just didnt pay attention when i later founf out that i could of gotten a small for only a quarter im a dumbass, but its all good we left around 11 & trav droped me off i watched the finale of kept and she picked seth i was pretty stoaked cause he was a real person he wasnt all stuck up and model like so that made me happy

tomorrow is going to consist of packing and just getting everything all planned out since we are going to the beach sunday then saturday we have to go to the family reunion and go to wal-mart and get all of our supplies haha i know im weird but im sooo excited just to even pack i havnt been to the beach in forever and i really want to get out of altoona & plus when we get back it will only be two more weeks untill school, i cant freaking wait until school starts i am so bored i know by the end of the week i'll be wishing it was summer again but o well thats me

i have been really trying not to be so self concious and down on myself lately and try to be myself, i mean i usually am myself but not care as much as to what other people think and try and make others happy im also a hypocrit i am an advocate of not letting people walk all over you but it seems like i have been kind of doing that lately and not speaking my mind i always just try to avoid the situation and just pretend nothings wrong and just be like o well i'll get over it, this summer i have had a lot of people notice/tell me that i am very self concious and that i care too much about what people think and all i do is think about others and go "well they probably think im weird for doing that, so i just wont do it" instead of being myself, which i may be weird and annoying to others but im trying to just not give a fuck as much as possible i dont know if i will ever change but i hope i will

being around certain people has given me this effect to be myself and feel good about myself but when im around another certain group of people i feel horrible about myself and all my confidence just leaves its weird you shouldnt have to feel bad about yourself when your around "friends" and some people may think that i am wrong and its my fault that i feel this way and its all in my head but its not i shouldnt ever have to feel bad about myself and there is obviously a reason why when i am with people that make me feel that way and its not my fault right now i am trying to build up my confidence and get stability i mean when i am truly confident im sure i wont feel this way to anyone and i will be able to be myself and feel good about it and not have to compare myself i just have to learn to like myself and that is going to be my goal this year and try to surround my self with as many positive people i can at the moment i know all this sounds really stupid and cheesy but thats me and thats the truth i mean my eyes were really opened this summer and i have found out a lot of things about myself and just that has boosted my confidence because now i know whats wrong and what i need to fix

hmm before i go any deeper i think its wise for me to just get off and go to bed (:

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glitter on the highwayyy [01 Aug 2005|02:11am]
[ mood | apathetic ]

testssCollapse )

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look a furry tractor!!! [29 Jul 2005|01:28am]
[ mood | chipper ]

cheahhh yesterday i had to go to the orthodontist at like 2:30 but we go there late and we sat there for like a half an hour then stac called me up n said her momma was gonna bring her over later so after the orthodontist my mom and i went to sheetz cause we have no money so my mom cashed in lottery tickets hahaha then we went over to mcdonalds and got some double cheeseburgers lol then my mom dropped me off at home n stacies momma dropped her off so we went inside and ate and watched grace under fire haha then my sister and all the kids came over so we played with them then we had to watch them for a little bit cause ann had to pick up harold it was quite interesting haha we thought the labrynth would calm them down so we put it on haha they didnt care then my sister and harold and my mom all came home so my mom took all the kids on the porch and we stayed inside and watched the labrynth haha i love that movie after that we ate supper then i showed stacie my new clothes lol and we watched made and all these shows on the style network my mom wanted to go to bed so we went out in the living room and we decided to make macaronie and cheese && french fries haha it was really really good then we watched anchorman!! my new favorite movie haha after thats we looked at magazines untill like 3am but my sister thought she might have to bring lexie over in the morning so we went to sleep

i kept waking up cause the small couch is gay and really loud and people kept calling my aunt called at 12 and said my other aunts rotweiler is loose and wanted to know if i wanted to come along but i was to tired haha so yeah we slept in till 2 then just sat around stacs mom picked her up at 3 then i watched some tv and go the idea to go swimming but when i was trying to open the pool i got stung so i freaked out and i decided not to go swimming haha so i just layed around the house until my parents got home my mom cooked some pork chops so that made me super happy after that we watched who wants to be a millionare && big brother then my sister and elijah came over for a little bit elijah got his picture taken so she wanted to show us he looked adorable (: they didnt stay to long but after big brother my mom and i watched the new episode of kept i was SOooooOO shocked that she eliminated anwar my mom and i loved him so that made me upset :/ lol but yeah i have been on here talking to stac we might hang out tomorrow so we can drink iced tea and watch anchorman (: haha nothing gets better than that haha well im getting tired for some reason so i think im gonna go to sleep
++ love

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take a sad song and make it happy [26 Jul 2005|12:24am]
[ mood | listless ]

yeah i havnt updated in awhile i have just been so lazy and bored lately its weird im like in this "funk" i cant wait for school to start summer is just to long i feel useless atleast during school i get up for a reason but in the summer its just like you get up to sit around your house and do somthing, i guess for people that have a life and friends summer is great i seem to find myself in this same position ever summer it sucks ass well anyways i suppose i should get on with the past few days

went to the mall with my mom and surprisingly my dad to it was very different first we went to charlotte russe cause i really wanted this shirt they had only one in a small i tried it on it fit a little bit but i knew itd shirnk so i said screw it then we went to hollister and i got a logo shirt and a really pretty marroon one with beads and stuff very interesting then we went to american eagle i went in just to get my "cheer up" shirt but i gave in and got a pair of jeans they actually fit they are a little long even though they are petite so yeah nothing i can do with that after that we all got some orange julius and just sat on a bench and drank them it was interesting haha when we were done my mom and i tried on clothes my dad got bored so he went back out and sat on the bench hah i got a really cute hoodie and green shirt it started getting late so i got my dad and took him to the mens section and picked out an outfit for him its funny shopping with my dad its basically like "i dont care, i dont know whats in style, so pick out anything for me" my mom met up with us and it was already 9 so we left my dad wanted a pair of shorts so we went to k-mart and tried to find a pair but he didnt like any so we left and ate at kings then went home and i dont remember anything after that lol

i was planning on staying home all day but at the last minute i decided to go to wal-mart w/ my mom, ann, angelina, & elijah angelina was going to get her pictures taken so we left at like 3:30 we stoped to pick up ann and harolds dad was there the got matching tattos its pretty crazy haha we didnt stay long as soon as we got to wal-mart we had to hurry up and get angelina shoes cause all she had on was old flip flops so we baught a pair then went to the picture place the people before us took forever it was really funny when angelina was getting her picture taken cause as soon as the lady got her to pose shed go cheese and the lady still had to get her in focus and take the picture but she didnt stop saying cheese so she was like cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeseeeeeeeeeeeeee for i swear i minute straight it was hilarious she did really good though when the pictures were done we got pretzels ann and i sat on the bench while angelina and my mom picked up a few things then we dropped them off at anns house when we got home my dad cooked dinner we basically all ate in the living room though cause the village was on and we all love it haha after dinner we watched tuck everlasting (good movie) then i basically stayed up all night and watched tv plus there was a storm and i was paranoid that the power was going to go out so that freaked me out

i believe that today was the second most boring day of my life i just sat around and watched tv no different from any other day but for some reason it was extra boring my dad came home at like 5:30 then ann called and said elijah fell at daycare and had to get stitches and wanted mom to go to the hospital but my mom was no where to be found she didnt come home until like 6:30 beth and wally came by and went swimming and then ann stoppede over with elijah he only had to get 2 stitches but he was fine so i attempted to get in the pool but i just put my feet in then my sister got in and we talked then we went inside and i showed her my back to school clothes she left around 8 and i got tired for some reason and took a nap i woke up at 9;30 and watched hells kitchen with my mom then medium at 10:30 i watched eternal sunshine of the spotless mind i actually didnt really like it it was really weird i was dissapointed but yeah me not updating was getting to me so i just decided to get it over with i dont know if im going to update as much anymore livejournal and the internet is just getting so boring anymore

on a better note stacie was on today and i got to talk to her i missed her! we made plans to hang out on wednesday after my orthodontist appt and her hair appt so im pretty stoaked haha i hope everything works out cause we havnt hung out in forever

o well im going to try and lay down and hopfully fall asleep

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just like me they long to be close to you [23 Jul 2005|12:44am]
[ mood | bored ]

i really didnt do anything at all today i thought my parents and i were going to go out to eat so i got all ready and looked really pretty then just sat there for like an hour then finally at 6 my dad decided to say he didnt feel like going out so my mom and i deliberated on what to get forever finally we went to palminos and got some pizza i wanted chinese so my mom took me to the station mall and i got some once we came back it was around eight so we watched the final episode of into the west it was soo horrible how they treated the indians i almost started to cry then at 10 i got to see the new degrassi it was great everyone found out paige and her student teacher were hooking up so instead denying it he confessed and now they are going out for real crazyness it only happens on tv<3 haha everyone nows my obsession w// student teachers (: haha harolds dad came up from new york so ann didnt come over tonight to watch tv with me i was kind of upset cause we watch into the west and degrassi every friday together haha o well im reallly bored so im just going to try and find somthing to watch

yeah i got really bored and i actually found a survey i have never done haha

[Height] 5'2
[Shoe size] 8
[Parents still together] yepp
[Siblings] a sister && brother
[Pets] 1 dog & 1 hampsterl

[Color] orange
[Number] 22
[Animal] hippopotamus haha
[Drinks] dr. pepper

Do You:
[Color your hair?] nope
[Twirl your hair?] nahh
[Have tattoos?] nope
[Have Piercings?] ears twice
[Cheat on tests/homework?] homework
[Like roller coasters?] some
[Wish you could live somewhere else?] yessss
[Want more piercings? ] nahh
[Like cleaning?] verrryyyy much (:
[Write in cursive or print? ] print
[Sweat a lot?] on occasion
[Own a web cam? ] no
[Own a cell phone? ] yeah
[Ever get off the computer? ] not really lol

Have you ever...
[Been in a fist fight?] nope
[Kicked someone in the nuts?] yess
[Held a gun? ] yepp
[Drank?] yeah
[Been so drunk you couldn't remember your name?] no
[Considered a life of crime?] noo
[Considered being a hooker?] haha nope
[Cheated on someone? ] nope
[Cried over a girl?] friends
[Cried over a boy?] yeahhh
[Lied to someone?] little ones of course
[Been in love?] no
[Fallen for your best friend?] yeah
[Made out with JUST a friend?] no
[Been rejected?] of course
[Been in lust?] yepp
[Used someone?] no
[Been used?] i dont think
[Been cheated on?] no
[Experimented with homosexuality?] haha no

[Current clothing] a really nice shirt w// old shorts hah
[Current mood] bored
[Current taste] nothing
[What you currently smell like] nothin
[Current hair] in a pony tail
[Current thing I ought to be doing] nothing
[Current cds in stereo] a mix
[Current job] i dont have one

The Last time...
[Last book you read] the greatest generation haha
[Last thing you ate] chinese
[Last person you talked to on the phone] my mom?

Do you...
[Do drugs?] no
[Have a dream that keeps coming back?] yes
[Believe there is life on other planets?] of course
[Remember your first love?] ......
[Still love him/her?] .....
[Read the newspaper?] sometimes
[Have any gay or lesbian friends?] yeah, more like my sisters friend though
[Believe in miracles?] enhhh
[Believe it's possible to remain faithful forever?] yes
[Do well in school?] yep
[Go to or plan to go to college] yes
[Wear hats?] nope
[Hate yourself?] i dont hate myself
[Have an obsession?] yes
[Have a secret crush?] not really
[Collect anything?] yeah
[Have a best friend] .....
[Like your handwriting?] not really
[Care about looks?] yes

Love life...
[First crush] a kid in my pre-school class who asked me to marry him
[Do you believe in love at first sight?] yeah
[Do you believe in soul mates?] no
[Have you ever played a game that required removal of clothing?] nopee
[Are you a tease?] nope
[Shy to make the first move?] depends

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boy this music makes me loose control [22 Jul 2005|12:12am]
[ mood | devious ]

i set my alarm today for like 9am and i actually got up and was awake it was amazing haha i ate some special k then just layed on my couch and watched tv i got really bored so i went back to sleep i set my alarm for 11 but once it went off i turned it off and went back to sleep i didnt get back up until around 1 i cleaned up the house some my mom came home around 2:30 we watched strangers with candy (: haha she didnt like it to much but i <3 that show she said she had to get her hair dyed tonight so we were going to the mall that made me quite happy once she left i watched a little tv then i got a shower did my hair && got ready once my mom got back from work we sat around for a little bit and left around 6 we went to all the different hair places to see if she could get an appt. regis said theyd take her in an hour so we shoped around i saw dan and he was with a few people that i didnt know (: my mom & i went into aeropostale i got a really cute brown shirt and hoodie for only 25 dollars which was awesome then we went to payless and i got a pair of really cute shoes that were only 8.99 i was just a bargain shopper haha my mom left me and went to get her hair done i just looked around and found like a million things but i couldnt get any of it cause i had no money :/ so i just went up to regis and sat up there and talked to my mom by the time she was done it was already 9:05 so i didnt get to get anything else so hopfully we go back saturday (: after the mall we went to cracker barrel i got some fried shrimp it was realllly good our waitress was so nice and was showing us pictures of her kid haha we left around 10 then went to the new super sheetz i got a fufu berry soda there was this really hot kid that had a niccccee car he kept looking at me, but he was with his girlfriend :/ he looked really rich he's probably from hollidaysburg haha but yeah i have just been sitting around watching tv i swear i have food poisioning or somthing my stomach has felt horrible for the past few days

it is only like 2 weeks until i go to the beach i am soooo freaking excited i havnt gone to the beach in forever the day before we go were going to this family reunion in maartinsburg? haha and my aunt her b/f julie larry and hopfully justin will be there the reunion itself is boring cause they are all hicks but we all like to sit around and make fun of them haha they have a really nice pool, a rolar skating rink, & a bowling alley but its usualy to cold for the pool and last year the bowling place was packed full of creepy people so we really didnt do anything hopfully my aunt will invite me back down i want to shop at the outlets again down there

o well im going to try and go to sleep early last night i did good i went to sleep at 2:30 thats proably the earliest ive gone to bed in awhile..

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cause even her smile looks like a frown [19 Jul 2005|11:32pm]
[ mood | cranky ]

did nothing but watch tv and swimm all day so yeah nothing major. im bored as hell. i hate waking up so late. i need a job && a car. next summer will be better, i hope. ♥


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just t o be the next t o be with y o u [19 Jul 2005|12:42am]
[ mood | exanimate ]

Perfect Boy...
01.hair color- brown
02.eye color- blue, doesn't really matter though
03.height- 5'8" - 6'2"
04.six pack- thatd be a plus
05.long or short hair- short
06.glasses- nahh
07.piercings- no
08.scars- haha umm i dont really care
09.eyebrows- uhh yeah
10.buff or skinny- buff
11.hairy chest- nooo
12.big butt or little- little
13.straight teeth, gap, or braces- straight teeth
14.funny or serious- funny, but can be serious
15.party or stay at home- have time for both
16.should he cook or bake?- cook
17.should he have a best friend?- yeah
18.should he have a lot of girl friends?- not to many (;
19.outgoing or shy- outgoing
20.sarcastic or sincere- sincere
21.should he love his mother?- yeahh
22.should he watch chick flicks?- yes :)
23.would he be a smoker?- i dont really care
24.would he drink?- yeah
25.would he swear?- sure
26.would he play with your hair?- suree lol
27.one or more girls at a time- one
28.would he pay for dates?- he dosnt have to all the time
29.would he kiss on the first date?- yeah
30.where would you go to dinner?- wherever
31.would he bring you flowers?- sometimes
32.would he lay under the stars with you?- yess (:
33.would he write poetry about you?- nahh
34.would he call you hunny, sweetie, or baby?- yes
35.would he hang out with you and YOUR friends?- yepp
36.would you hang out with him and his friends?- yeah
37.will he walk you to the door at the end?- yeah
38.would he hold your hand?- yes
39.would he play soccer?- sure
40.would he play baseball?- sure
41.would he play basketball?- sure
42.would he play football?- yess
43.water- yes
44.would he surf?- it dosnt matter to me
45.would he skateboard?- no
46.would he snowboard?- i dont care
47.would he sing?- yes (:
48.would he play guitar?- nah
49.would he play piano?- sure
50.would he play drums?- no
51.would he clean his room?- yeah but i dont really care if he does or not
52.paint, draw, sculpt- nah that's ok hah
53.would he write his own music?- i dont care
54.would he use the word dude?- yeah (:
55.would he use the word tight?- nah
56.would he watch the sun rise with you?- yeahh (:
57.what kind of car would he drive?- dosnt mattert to me
58.how old is he?- a year younger, the same, or a year older
59.what would his name be?- nothing cheesy
60.did you fashion this test after any certain boy?- nope

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who cares about little boys that talk too much] [18 Jul 2005|10:08pm]
[ mood | melancholy ]

my grandmother is in florida for two weeks so im stuck cleaning up the house and being alone, which isnt that bad (being alone part) i refuse to do dishes or clothes so its not that hard cleaning up either lol today i woke up at 8 but that was to early so i woke up again at 11 i tried watching the price is right but for some reason i fell back asleep and didnt get up until 1 i sat around and watched tv then i watched the goonies for awhile i made some iced frappuchinos (: and watched a shirly temple movie haha as soon as my parents came home they got in the pool beth wally and lawrence came over to swim to so i decided i needed my excerise for the day the pool was freezing at first but then it was nice we all got at around 8 then i went in my room and blasted my music as loud as i could without being obnoxious and started to work out it was some pretty funny stuff haha then i layed on my futon and thought about a few thingss i just ate some fried chicken and i feel like im going to throw up i should of never eaten it im pretty upset about it haha

tomorrow alayna and nicole might come up and come swimming so i might have some company hopfully nicole talked to the manager at simply tan so i can get hooked up with a job (: i need one really bad my aunt said i should work at an old persons home her friend does and say they hire all the time haha idk how id be around old people though.. yeah well im going to go watch some teavee

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your's are the sweetest eyes that i've ever seen ) [17 Jul 2005|11:55pm]
[ mood | content ]

i woke up pretty late i was suppose to go to wal-mart with my sister & mom but it was getting late and it would of taken me forever to get ready so i just stayed home and watched tv then i got a shower and did my hair and stuff annd & my mom didnt get home till around 7 we ate chicken & corn then we went to my sisters cause ann n harold took me to see charlie and the chocolate factory (: when i got there i saw marry kyla & kelsey we had to wait in a long line cause everyone was pumped to see it haha we got in around 9:20 the movie started at 9:30 it was one of thee gratest movies ever i was so excited that i got to see it haha it was nothiing like the other one so that was good we didnt get back until like 12 once we got back to anns we sat around for a little bit then left we stopped at sheetz and i got somthing to eat then just came back home and watched tv i kinda passed out at like 2

woke up at like 1:30 n called up court cause i had no clue what was going on today so we made a little bit of a plan then she called up steve n steve was at cliffs so i decided to go to courts so we could just walk down my parents dropped me off at like 2:30 then we walked down to cliffs it was soo freaking hot out it was crazy once we got there we all kinda just chilled on the couches cliff was trying to flirt w/ me but i just wasnt feeling it then todd came over and we ordered pizza it got really hot so we decided to go swimming i had to wear cliffs boxers and a wifebeater cause i didnt have a bathing suit but there were some funny times in the pool then we went up stairs for a long time where crazy shit went down nothing to serious lol we left around 8 then walked back to courtneys we just chilled and watched tv then my mom picked me up from courts at 9 n we went to the store i didnt want to at all cause i looked like shit but o well when we got home i have just been watching celebrity fit club and the surreal life i kinda tired so i believe im going to go to bed in a little bit

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the best of you ]] [16 Jul 2005|12:18am]
[ mood | hot ]

i basically layed around all afternoon since this whole week has been pretty crappy it rained so i didnt think we were still going o the wingoff but i talked to lindsay & she said it wasnt raining out there so i got ready then my dad called at like 4:30 and said he'd be home soon so once he got home he dropped me off at lindsays we left around 5:30 once we got there no one was there so we kept just walking around in circles we sat in courtneys grandmas pavilion a couple times n it was just sooo freaking humid we thought we were going to die court & lindsay actually got me to ride the rolar coaster crazienesss lol and i was actually fine i didnt feel sick at all i was so proud of myself haha after awhile we started seing more people courts friend ian n all of his friends were with brittany craig n someone else then we saw tab n marry, brittany (mcormick) n stevie & her sister n all the 9th graders it was an interesting time ijust wish it wasnt so god damn humid once we got back to lindsays we all changed n then just sat around n watched tv court got sick so she left we made some rice but it didnt turn out to good so i really didnt eat any of it then we did eachothers make up n looked soo pretty lol around 1 we went in her room and watched american pie 2 i couldnt fall asleep though cause it was so hott

i woke up around 11:30 cause lindsay jumped on me (: haha we just basically sat around and watched some tv again then i called my dad up and he picked me up at 2 i just basically passed out on my couch i didnt fall asleep i just layed there untill like 4:30 and didnt move i was so hot n tired i woke my dad up around 5 n i got ready then my mom came home we left at like 5:30 to see the house and it was soooooooo small and my dad kept going on about how great it was n blah blah blah i hated it so bad i just sat at the kitchen table the whole time pissed off we didnt leave until like 7 my dad took us out to bergis to eat since my mom wanted to go there cause my cousin billy works there haha he came out for a little bit and talked the food was alright but i was pissed so i hardly ate anything i was pissed cause one i hated the house and the thought of moving makes me sick and plus everyone that knows me know i wanted to see charlie & the chocolate factory more than ANYTHING today and no one took me soo i was just in a baddd mood we didnt get home until like 8:30 we watched into the west then my dad went up stairs and watched it (i think cause i was still pissed lol) then my mom left to take somthing to my grandma so i was all by myself but around 9 my sister came over n we watched the rest of into the west & the new episode of degrassi it was alright but next week will be awesome cause manny the stupid whore tells everyone that paige and her teacher are screwing haha o god i love it lol but yeah i think im going to go watch tv cause its pretty warm in the dining room hah

++++++++++++ i think ann n harold might be taking me to see charlie && the chocolate factory tomorrow night!!!!!!!! XD haha

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so long && goodnight [13 Jul 2005|09:46pm]
[ mood | bored ]

today i did nothing it was soo crappy outside so i just layed on my couch and watched tv nothing really that good my mom came home from lunch and brought me me a frosty that made me pretty happy cliff called and told me to come down later & that todd was coming down i looked like a dirstball and it was like already five i said id call back but i never did :/ he said he was going to the wing off so maybe i'll see him my mom brought me subway for dinner after i ate i got a shower && shaved my legs they were getting bad lol i lost my tan though so im pretty pissed cause its not suppose to get nice for awhile after my shower my mom finally straightened my hair with this olgilve straightner stuff it took forever but my hair is really straight right now so im verrrry happy hopfully it will stay like this for awhile it said 3 months but i doubt it will last that long my sister came over for a little bit n yeahh im really bored so i decided to update i went on a survey rampage again so i did a bunch of them (: hah so i'll just post them for everyones veiwing pleasure since i have nothing else to do

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wishing to be the friction in your jeans ♥ [13 Jul 2005|01:01am]
[ mood | chipper ]

today was pretty layed back i woke up around 11:40 somthing i thught my grnadmother dissapered but then i remembered she was having a day out with the girls lol i slept in my bathing suit so i just went outside and laid out for a little bit then my aunt came over and opened the pool so i went in for awhile once my mom came home for lunch i went inside and talked to her for awhile then i went back in the pool, i sure did a lot of swimming today hah my mom called && said ann harold & the kids were coming up and we were having hot dogs and hamburgers so i went inside and cleaned up n watched room raiders then ann and the kids came and i asked where harold was n all the sudden i see him walking up the road he walked all the way from the hospital to my house with his bookbag and his cln uniform it was crazy lol then we all sat inside for awhwile then ate harold took angelina home so me my mom ann alexis & elijah went swimming then once my dad came home from work he came in to we stayed in till about 8:30 i just layed on the couch and watched big brother then the real world, which wasnt very exciting tonight o well i decided to make my own journal instead of getting premade ones which i actually like mine better so i think ill keep it this way for awhile

thursday court lindsay and i are definatlly going to the wingoff, but were not quite positive if there really is going to be one or not so that could not be good hah i really want to see charlie && the chocolate factory but idk if ann n harold are going to take me or what so i just dont know....tomorrow is probably going to consist of another day of me doing nothing but swimming & laying out and i think my diet is working out well yeah i gotta go call steve bye kiddies♥

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sugar we're going down swinging :* [12 Jul 2005|12:19am]
[ mood | gloomy ]

lets see today i woke up around 12ish then i got on here to attempt to make some sort of plan i talked to lindsay && courtney court and i decided we needed to walk so we thought the mall would be a good place to go to get excercise lol so i got a shower & did my hair i was planing on laying out b4 i left but my mom came home earlier than i expected once i got ready she droped me off at courts before she had to go back to work we just chilled in her room for awhile then went in the computer room and talked to some people around four we asked her dad again if hed take us then he said no and started talking to himself/courtney it was funny though lol so her momma came round 5 and took us out to the mall darien kept caressing my arm haha omy once we got there we went to master cuts and looked for steve and he was nowhere to be found so court called and he was like im looking right at u n she was like no ur not n then we finally saw him lol steve was looking verrryy nice (: he went to get his haircut so we looked around for awhile then once we thought he was done we went back up and he was then he said he wasnt staying and left :/ so court and i got some subway cause i was about to die chelsey b made myy sandwich (: haha we just kinda walked around forever then we saw josh & mike? i believe lol we talked to them and it was pretty funny josh decided he wanted to go to good will so he left us and yet again we walked around doing nothing we went into spencers and we saw other mike, brett, && his gf they talked for awhile it started getting time for the bus so we went outside and watched the boys go by in their cars good times hah then a bus came and it didnt say where it was going so i asked court if we should ask if it was the campus n she was like i dont care so when i went up she was about to drive away but sure enough it was our bus lol that would of sucked ass if we would of missed it i dont believe court or i said a single word the way home we were both in a daze and just sat in the very back by ourselves for like a half hour it was funny we got dropped off at the campus my mom came n got us then dropped court off i still didnt feel good when i got home so i just layed on the couch n watched tv im starting to feel a little better now so thats good

tomorrow hopfully i'll wake up early becuase i need to layout i am sooo freaking white thursday is the first wing off i really want to go but idk if its going to happen then friday is the show which im not sure if im going to either, friday is also the premier of CHARLIE & THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY how sweet is that lol omg i am such a dork but i do not care i freaking love it<3 hhaa ommyy

i have been thinking about it lately && i really need a man like b a d its getting crazy im about to go insane, no not even a boyfriend just a guy that even likes me -alittlebit- thats all i need i havnt even had anything close to a boyfriend since freaking 8th grade thats pathetic o well im sure no one wants to hear me whining so i believe i'll stop that one (: hmmm yeah i think im going to change my layout again it really does not fit my mood at all...

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there aint nothing in this world worth a smile [10 Jul 2005|08:00pm]
[ mood | weird ]

yesterday woke up and got ready dropped ann off at her house and picked up angelina it was a long way to delgrossos with answereing every question that child could think of lol when we got there we found the shed that all the pepsi people were in so we got our food and ate my dads friend gave me some of his chicken since i hardly got any haha then ann called and said her harold & the kids were gonna come so we all got our arm bands and sat in kiddie land while angelina rode rides then ann n them came i went in the arcade since it was so freaking hot i got like 300 tickets it was crazy to bad there wasnt any good prizes hah then i rode a few rides with my dad & got some dipn dots before we left harold and i went on the gravity drop thing it wasnt as bad as i thought it would be my dad came and picked us up then we went back to anns to drop leena off she asked me to stay so as soon as the kids got settled they put them to bed n we watched diary of a mad black woman it was pretty good we went to bed around 1 my jaw kept getting stuck all night :/

today i woke up at 11 but i was really tired so i went back to sleep for another hour when i went down i had to watch elijah for a little bit cause harold was getting ready we watched the r. kelly "in the closet" thing it was funny then him and angelina went to the store we just sat around and ate some chicken nuggets around two he came back and ann, angelina, elijah, and i went back to my house to swim mike, nichole, alayna, beth, wally, and lawrence were all they i swear to god they never take a break they have been here every freaking weekend its driving me insane i stayed inside and messed around with myspace until like 5 then i went out and swam it was only me and alayna in the pool everyone else was on the side walk we played a few games then i talked to my mom and nichole, she is going to talk to the lady at simply tan to see if she can get me a job XD lord knows i need one

i havnt hung out with anyone in forever for a few weeks i was doing good haha i need to start walking places this week hopfully i get to see lindsay now that shes back from the beach hmm well someone needs to hang out with me or i'll go insane i have been trapped in this house for to long already hah well im going to see if my mom will straighten my hair yet

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these boots are made for walking]] [09 Jul 2005|01:57am]
[ mood | productive ]

i hav not done anything in the past three days except go out to eat tonight and watch a new episode of degrassi so that is why i have not posted in forever so yeah, idk if im going to keep this layout hmm, well anyway court uploaded her pics so im gonna post some (:

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wait till you see my ohhh - - [05 Jul 2005|09:43pm]
[ mood | excited ]

i stayed up until like 3:30 last night watching daria i love/miss that show haha i didnt get up until one somthing i just layed on the couch and watched some tv then got a shower at 2:30 i started watching this movie called rose red by stephen king it was on until 8 so i didnt get to finish it but it was pretty interesting after awhile my mom and i started to get ready then left around 3:30 we looked all over altoona for houses but we didnt see any that we liked when we got to the mall i went straight to old navy i thought id get a lot more but stuff there fits weird so i only got two shirts and a pair of shoes for back to school (: && my mom got all the kids outfits then we went to the food court and got chinese it was disgusting i dont think it was cooked i about threw up after that we went to hollister and i hurried up and got this white shirt that i already have in pink but it was on sale so i decided to get aanother one since dipn dots was right there i just had to get it lol i couldnt go in the shoe store with my mom though since i was eating the ice cream so i had to sit on a bench by myself haha when i was done we went to jc pennys and my mom tried to find a bathing suite but there was only like 20 minutes until the store closed i did find a really cute tank top for six bucks i felt bad though that my mom didnt get anything :/ we didnt leave until right up to the mall closed and we just came home since we were both tired welp the real worlds about to come on (:

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happy fourth of july (: [04 Jul 2005|11:02pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

yesterday everyone came over for the picnic court e was suppose to come but danny never got home so that made me sad alayna and my aunt were the only people who swam which was good because i didnt want to seem "anti-social" lol i basically just stayed in the house the whole time i did go outside and play bachi ball then we all came in and sang happybirthday to my mom and sister then had cake and ice cream the whole shabang haha then my brother bought a bunch of fireworks so we were out there for like two hours just watching fire works it was nice, for once none of the family was getting on my nerves (: after the fireworks we all went inside and watched saving private ryan everyone left at like 11:30 angelina stayed the night and was just crazy i swear she never stopped once she didnt go to be until around 1 or 1:30 thats pretty damn late for a 3 year old she slept with me to she kept saying everything in my room was scaring her so she "had to stay up and watch cartoons" lol to some people that may sound cute but believe me it wasnt hah

todayy angelina woke me up at 7 AM i was about to shoot her i tried everything to get her to just lay down and watch cartoons she was like no IM GOING SWIMMING!! ahh and she wouldnt stop i kept falling back asleep then finally at like 9:30 i went into the living room where my mom was sleeping and told her to wake up grammy and fell asleep haha when i woke up at 10:30 my mom was still asleep though so idk what she was doing for an hour by herself so i screamed at my mom and woke her up and went back to sleep until around 1 hah so i got on here then andrea imd me and i told her, her child was driving me insane lol so she came and got me at 2 and we went out to the mall, k-mart, kings, & target and i didnt get anything i was kind of upset but i found a lot of things in old navy i wanted for school so i think my mom is taking me shopping tomorrow since she has off all week (: we got back at like 8 and i just layed on the couch & watched the twilight zone until 9 somthing then my mom and i went to sheetz and got some frappuchinos & picked up my grandmother we went by sir skate and motel 8 so we could watch the fireworks we couldnt see them that well but it was good enough they wernt very long it took forever to get home though since everyone and there brother was there haha o well i think im gonna go watch the twilight zone (marathon) (: haha


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happy birthday to muh momm (: [02 Jul 2005|09:46pm]
[ mood | nauseated ]

today i got up at like 11:30 becuase my whole family kept calling and leaving messages for my mom since it was her birthday ann called and wanted to go out to wal-mart to get her hair cut so my mom and i got ready court e was suppose to call at 11 somthing but i called her at 1 and pam said she was asleep so we left at like 2 i helped my sister pick out a hair cut then i went over the the shampoo and hair dye and got a chemical straightner so hopfully that works out after that i found my mom and i helped her pick out birthday decorations for tomorrows party i called up court and she said she didnt know what was going on so she had already made plans to go to her grams so shes just gonna come over for the party tomorrow hah once my sister got her hair done we just shoped around for a little bit then left at like 6 my mom and dad went out to eat and to the movies since its my moms birthday so me and my sister are here we ordered some chinese but it took an hour to get here the guy didnt understand english very well lol then jeff called ann so they talked for a few hours and so i just kinda sat on the couch watching tv shes asleep right now so im really bored... i tried watching that stella show but it got on my nerves so i decided to get on here

my mom has off all this week so im hoping it will be fun i think im going to make her take me to the mall for some back to school shopping (: lindsays coming back friday i think so me n court might do somthing for her idk if that one will work out or not well i have a major headache so im gonna lay down

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